The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing Rental Property Insurance

rental property insurance

Are you familiar with protecting your investment as an experienced rental property owner? If you are in the process of renting out a new home as a landlord, it may be beneficial for you to purchase rental property insurance. The perks of having this type of homeowners insurance are important to consider in case of unexpected emergencies.…

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Real Estate Secrets from a 30-Year Insider

I’ve been in the business of investing in real estate and protecting real estate for over 30 years. Over the course of my career, I’ve seen the ups, the downs, the ins and the outs!  I’ve learned a ton from hands-on experiences and from different mentors. Recently I was challenged by one of my mentors…

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The Ultimate Guide to Renting Out Your Property

renting out your property

Renting is growing increasingly popular in the United States. In fact, nearly 37 percent of households rented their home in 2016. This percentage represented the most American households electing to rent over home ownership in fifty years. Investors are taking advantage of this trend. Renting out your property is a great way to supplement monthly income. However,…

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6 Tips for Comparing Landlord Insurance Providers

Comparing Landlord Insurance

If you own rental property, you need insurance designed specifically for landlords. As a landlord, you have many responsibilities. You must protect your property from a myriad of expected and unexpected situations and protect your tenants as well. Standard home insurance policies don’t often provide the specific coverage a landlord needs. So choosing the right…

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How Student Property Investment Can Benefit Landlords

Student Property Investment

The New York Times reported this year that the student housing market is booming, with big real estate developers and institutional investors all eager to get in on the trend. Student property investment is appealing to individual investors as well: college students provide a reliable stream of income for landlords. If you are considering becoming…

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6 Tips for Finding the Best Landlord Insurance for You

Best Landlord Insurance

How easy is it to pick up the phone and call the landlord to fix a broken appliance or clogged drain? Tenants love the ability to call their landlord to fix the problem. However, It’s not so easy when you’re the landlord. Do you have the best landlord insurance? Do you know the difference between…

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Have a Property to Renovate? Then Follow These 7 Tips

Property to Renovate

Are you a first-time investor looking for property to renovate? Investments in properties can result in huge financial gains. However, it’s not always easy to know the best way to renovate a property in the most cost-effective way. Let’s take a look at the different types of investment in property to renovate. There are two…

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The Top 5 Investor Real Estate Strategies of 2017

real estate strategies

It’s pretty late in the year, so some of you probably already have a good handle on this year’s market. If you’re in that boat, we hope that you’re making a killing. If you aren’t too familiar with some of this year’s most popular real estate strategies, don’t worry. We want you to make a…

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Should You Invest in Pet-Friendly Apartments?

pet-friendly apartments

Are you considering an investment in pet-friendly apartments? Are you undecided about whether to allow pets in your rental properties? There are a lot of conflicting opinions on the subject. Some landlords are happy to welcome renters with pets. Others resist the idea because of liability or other concerns. While California housing trends are always…

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Top 10 Common Landlord Liabilities & How to Protect Yourself


As homeownership falls, opportunities for investment in residential real estate rises. But with these opportunities come risks. The perils of liabilities can seem ever-present to you as a landlord. Protecting your investment is paramount. This starts with knowing and then with taking appropriate action. Let’s explore what the risks might be and how you can protect yourself.…

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