Tips for Apartment Owners to Prevent Fire Hazards

Photo: Fire

One of the reasons fire insurance is included among most renter’s insurance for apartment owners is that all people need to be protected financially in case of a fire. In an apartment building, a fire could destroy an entire structure, and it all could have been caused by another renter. Knowing this, it is imperative…

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Landlord Tips: Raising the Rent

Photo: Living room of an apartment

No tenant will ever be especially excited to discover that a landlord has raised the rent, but a landlord can have a number of reasons for deciding to make that call for a property they own. Landlords need to turn profits on their buildings, and sometimes rising costs in other areas mean boosting rent for…

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California Housing Market: 2019 Trends & Opportunities

Photo: Houses on a street in San Francisco, California

Without question, real estate remains one of the most popular investments in the United States, but those who grow truly wealthy from their transactions do so because they stay apprised of the most recent trends and opportunities in the world of real estate. This is especially true in California, which is the most expensive place…

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Airbnb Insurance: Everything You Need to Know About Protecting Your Rental Property

Photo: Person holding a phone displaying AirBNB logo

Over the course of the last five or ten years, the rise of the short-term rental property has been steep and profitable, with services like Airbnb and VRBO providing property owners with opportunities to rent out units in ways that were not possible a decade or two ago. Of course, no investment opportunity comes without…

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Five Things to Consider Before Becoming a Landlord

Photo: Apartment Building

For many people, the idea of owning property on the side to generate some extra income is incredibly desirable. In a perfect world, becoming a landlord would be a fairly easy process, allowing new property owners to simply set up shop, find a few tenants, then walk away and let the cash flow like a…

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Five Things You Should Know About Landlord Liability and Exposure

Photo: Landlord Handing Keys to Tenant

One of the benefits of renting a home rather than purchasing a home is passing liability off to a landlord. If something breaks or stops working or needs replacing, the tenant is not responsible financially for those types of issues. Of course, landlords take on a lot more liability than just the occasional leaky faucet…

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The Risks of Leaving a Rental Property Vacant

Photo: Empty Rental Unit - Tips for Rental Property Management

No landlord wants vacant rental properties, first and foremost because a vacant property isn’t bringing in any money. While in most cases the occasional vacancy is unavoidable, landlords should work to keep properties filled because not doing so can lead to costly issues. Even if a space isn’t currently occupied, it is imperative that a…

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Five Tips to Help a First-Time Landlord Get Started

Photo: Apartment Building

Taking on your first property as a landlord is an exciting time, but it also comes with a number of anxieties associated with doing a good job as a new business owner. Thankfully, there are some generally accepted practices for first-time landlords to help ensure your rental business not only gets off to a great…

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Do You Need Rental House Insurance if You’re Renting Your Home?

Photo: Insurance to Rent Out House - Photo of Keys and Lease

For many American individuals and families, renting a home is a much more economically sound investment than buying a home. For the person renting out the home, however, there are a number of risks that need to be addressed before allowing anyone to live in a home they have purchased. Homeowners insurance policies can cover…

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Should You Hire A Leasing Agent to Help Rent Your Property?

Whether you own one property or 30, the most important goal for any landlord is keeping renters in every unit. That’s the only way to generate income for these units, but sometimes finding those renters can be a hassle. Plenty of people begin by managing every aspect of their property themselves, including advertising vacancies and…

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