Choosing Apartment and Landlord Insurance the Right Way

Insurance by Castle - Choosing Apartment And Landlord Insurance The Right Way

Any good real estate mogul will suggest that you need to have your property insured, but finding the best company to take on your business isn’t as easy as a quick search. No one should leave apartment owner or landlord insurance up to Google. When in the market to protect your assets, you’ll need to dig a little deeper.

At Insurance by Castle, we understand that finding the right broker takes time. While offering the best service in the business, we understand that no insurance company is right for everyone. Here are a few things to look for to help find a broker that’s a perfect fit for you.

Referrals, Recommendations and References

Chances are you know someone else in the business, and they’ve got their own insurance company already. Check with your acquaintances in the field for suggestions. They might use a lesser-known company that you’ve never heard of, or a business that you didn’t realize offered the services you’re looking for.

Another option is to ask other local apartment owners. Not only will this get you great ideas for landlord insurance, but it may also help introduce you to your neighbors. Going to a broker that knows the neighborhood can have additional advantages as well since they’re already familiar with issues that might be common to that area.

Once you’ve found a broker, make sure you check their references. While you might get a glowing recommendation from one client, others may have a different view of the business. It always helps to know who you’re dealing with before coming to the table.

Know What You Need

Like all policies, apartment owner and landlord insurance can be complicated. Before making any appointments, make sure you have a good idea of what kinds of coverage you’re looking for. Even if you don’t have a complete list of needs, going in with a general idea will let a great broker expand on it to find the best coverage they can offer.

Focus on companies that specialize in apartment and landlord insurance. It is a niche industry with its own peculiarities, so having a broker that understands the ins and outs lets you know the policy will be better suited to those needs. Even if you don’t fully grasp everything there is to know about these policies, a dedicated broker will be able to fill in the blanks.

Any good agency will have multiple tiers of support, as well. If you interview with a broker that only offers high-end coverage and includes options that you don’t need or don’t align with the property, it’s time to investigate other options. You’ll also want a company that will grow with your business and is flexible if you decide to make additions to or remodel the property as well.

Get Personal

Don’t settle for a broker that’s only interested in selling you off the shelf options. You aren’t ordering from a menu, you’re looking for apartment owner or landlord insurance that’s comprehensive and appropriate for your property. A great broker will listen to your needs and look at the property to determine what works well and what doesn’t.

When going over your requirements, some brokers point of areas for assessment while others specifically look for problems with your apartment complex. When an agent is more interested in creating a problem-centric policy, it may be an underhanded way to increase costs. A good company will not only address trouble areas but will create policies that more comprehensive in addressing the property as a whole.

Making the Right Choice

An agency that offers you a great price and the options you’re looking for still may not be a great fit if they aren’t available to take your calls. Even the insurance business needs excellent customer service and a company that can make understanding, purchasing and dealing with your policy will help you if things take a dark turn with your property later on. A great broker will be there when you need help picking up the pieces, not just when you’re crafting the policy.

Getting the best apartment owner or landlord insurance is something that shouldn’t be undertaken lightly, and finding the right broker can make all the difference. Contact us today and learn how our policies can fit with your property.  When you work with Insurance by Castle, you get the strength and reliability you need to get the security and peace of mind you’re looking for!

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