How Does Recreational Vehicle Insurance Work in California?

Insurance by Castle - How Does Recreational Vehicle Insurance Work in California?

When choosing recreational vehicle insurance in California, it’s in your best interest to find a policy that’s tailored to your individual needs. Consider reviewing your planned destinations and how you intend to use your ATV, boat or motorhome.

Like auto insurance, your RV can be covered for collision, personal injury liability and property damage. Your policy will similarly include a specified deductible amount that’s subtracted from any payments you receive.

Here are some issues and options to consider when getting recreational vehicle insurance in California.

Going on Vacation With Your Recreational Vehicle

If your RV is going to play a major role in your vacation plans, consider a comprehensive insurance policy that covers the cost of repairs if your vehicle is damaged. You could, for example, cause extensive damage to your vehicle while swerving to avoid an animal on the road.

Adding the property damage liability option can provide coverage for any damage you might cause to someone else’s property with your RV. This option could, for example, cover the damage that might be caused by backing into a fence at a campsite.

Off-Road Vehicle Coverage Benefits

You might assume that insurance isn’t necessary for an ATV such as a dune-buggy since it can’t be driven on California’s public roads. Recreational vehicle insurance, however, offers more than just protection against a roadway accident. With a comprehensive policy, your ATV is covered for theft and vandalism. If your off-road vehicle is damaged by rocks, fire or falling objects, you can also be covered for the repairs.

Even the most skilled and experienced ATV riders can run into something completely unexpected. Your policy can cover medical expenses for injuries that result from a mishap, such as a rollover. A comprehensive recreational vehicle policy can provide coverage for ATV-related medical bills. You may need emergency treatment for scrapes, burns or broken bones while vacationing away from home.

Boat and Watercraft RV Insurance

California’s lakes and shorelines offer countless opportunities for fishing and water sports. If your vacation plans include a watercraft, you’ll need an insurance plan that covers your guests’ medical bills if they get hurt while on board.

Boat owners can benefit from RV insurance that protects against accidental damage to their craft’s motors, hull and equipment. If you need emergency repairs, the right policy reduces your out-of-pocket expenses.

How Motorhome Policies Work

California motorhome owners must carry liability insurance just as they would with any car. Because a motorhome is considered a registered vehicle, your rates can be dependent on your driving record. The recreational vehicle insurance California motorists often purchase covers collision and liability. A comprehensive policy, however, includes protection against fire, theft and vandalism.

RV insurance isn’t required if your recreational vehicle is a non-motorized or stationary camper. If you’re pulling a camper hitched to your car, you can add a rider to your auto insurance for protection against damage. For anyone using their RV as a permanent residence, however, full-time RV insurance can offer protection similar to a homeowner’s policy.

Some RV owners decide to only carry the minimum insurance requirement. By choosing a customized recreational vehicle policy, however, you can protect yourself from a wide range of unexpected damage costs and also limit your personal liability if your RV is involved in any injuries.

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