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New Home for Insurance by Castle

Insurance by Castle, California’s leading independent insurance agency, is excited to announce that it has purchased a new home – literally. The company is moving its offices into a home that has been renovated and turned into commercial space. This will provide them opportunity for growth and to serve more clients in the area.

Redwood City, Calif, Feb. 16, 2016 – California’s leading independent insurance agency, Insurance by Castle, has purchased a renovated home as its new operational base. It will be moving from its current suite on Bair Island Road to a charming home-turned-office, that is located on the corner of Arguello Street and Whipple Avenue in Redwood City. The new office is ideally located in a residential-commercial neighborhood that is easy to access from either the Bayshore Freeway or Route 82.

Carrying the right type and amount of insurance is vital in a world where the unexpected often happens. Motorists can find themselves the victim of a drunk or distracted driver, landlords could find that renters have caused damage to their property, families may find themselves dealing with a severe illness, and businesses might find themselves the victim of vandalism or robbery. Any one of these events can leave an individual, property owner or business facing medical costs, loss of revenue or income, and the expenses of repairing any physical damage that has occurred.

Insurance by Castle knows how important it is for people and businesses to protect these assets. The company is dedicated to helping clients analyze their needs and then choose an insurance plan that works for them. For auto owners, this may include adding coverage that protects them against other drivers with little or no insurance. Individuals might need health insurance with a low deductible or a life insurance plan that will give their families financial security. Professionals may need a policy that protects them if they are sued by a client or another professional. Businesses might require a more complex insurance plan that includes coverage for company-owned vehicles, commercial property insurance, a business owner’s policy, protection for any goods that are in transit, criminal act coverage and loss control.

As a business, new property owner and previous renter, Insurance by Castle understands the many vulnerabilities that businesses and people are exposed to. With their new expanded office, the staff will be able to reach out to more people in the community and provide coverage for the things that are important to them at a reasonable price they can afford. For more information about Insurance by Castle and to receive a free insurance quote, please visit www.insurancebycastle.com or drop by their new home.

About Insurance by Castle

Insurance by Castle provides insurance coverage to businesses and private property owners throughout the Redwood City, California, area. Started as a one-person business, the company has expanded over the years into a family operation with three generations that are dedicated to meeting their clients’ needs. The company offers the following products: auto insurance, home insurance, residential landlord insurance, health insurance, business coverage, workers’ compensation, recreational vehicle insurance and other personal insurance. For more information, visit their website at www.insurancebycastle.com.   

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