Reasons To Invest in California Renters Insurance

Insurance by Castle - Reasons To Invest in California Renters Insurance

California has the 4th highest percentage of renters in the nation, 43.09% of the state population to be exact.  For those who fall into this group, are you protecting the valuable assets that constitute the internal makeup of your rental?  If not, maybe it’s time to do so. 

What Does Renters Insurance Cover? 

Before we address how renters insurance benefits both parties, it’s worth noting the three general areas typically covered under its umbrella.  

They are:

  1. Personal property coverage
  2. Renters liability insurance
  3. Additional living expenses

Standard coverage on personal property may not include more expensive items above a certain value, so if you want to insure that art collection…you’ll need to increase your coverage.

Did you know you could be on the hook if your normally friendly dog injures a visitor who in turn sues for medical expenses?  That is unless you have the liability removed via renters insurance.

In the event of a water pipe breaking and flooding the house, fire, or other natural disaster, you will incur other expenses like: hotel, food, etc.  Compensation from the policy will take care of these additional costs.

*Please note earthquakes are a common exclusion from this last coverage area.

Reasons You Want Renters Insurance

First we want to address the advantages afforded to you (the renter).  But before we do that, let’s highlight one key fact.


One of the most affordable classes of insurance coverage is renters insurance.  Especially considering the cost savings if an unfortunate event occurs down the road, this low cost is an easily justifiable new field added to your budget in that Excel spreadsheet.

Besides liability insurance coverage, other perks are:

  • Landlord compensation
  • Neighboring tenant compensation

When property damage is partial or complete, renters insurance may cover the deductible for the landlord.  This negates any need for him/her to send you the bill.  

In other cases where a neighboring property is damaged as a direct result of actions taken by you, they can be compensated under a quality renters plan.

Now let’s turn to your landlord, and why they may include a clause in the lease requiring you purchase this coverage.

They’re shielded from:

  • Lawsuits that result from the property becoming uninhabitable
  • Liability from any injuries you receive on the premises
  • Disruption in rent payments if personal belongings are lost during a natural disaster

Although they’re legally binding, verbal agreements can be hard to enforce.  Because of this, more and more landlords are adding specific verbiage that makes renters insurance a condition for living there.

Okay, we’ve established that the benefits of adding a renters insurance clause to the lease is valuable to both signees.  How can your landlord help make your search for a quality policy easier?  

  1. Streamline the process
  2. Be specific (real numbers)

Most landlords have been in the business for a long time, so they can connect and educate you through useful resources.

If vague language is included on the lease, request that they detail coverage requirements.  

Mutual benefits arise from having this conversation early on in the process, and the extra security will help you sleep better at night.  

Renters Insurance and Insurance by Castle

Insurance By Castle has been providing renters insurance in Redwood City, San Mateo, and surrounding areas throughout California for over 30 years!

A name that’s trusted and backed by countless positive reviews, we operate independently of insurance providers, allowing us to shop around and secure the most affordable rates for our clients.

For a customized renters insurance policy, call (650) 364-3664 today or request a quote.  We’ll talk soon!

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