Tips for Apartment Owners to Prevent Fire Hazards

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One of the reasons fire insurance is included among most renter’s insurance for apartment owners is that all people need to be protected financially in case of a fire. In an apartment building, a fire could destroy an entire structure, and it all could have been caused by another renter. Knowing this, it is imperative that all tenants in a building engage in proper fire safety practices, not only to stay safe themselves, but to keep the rest of the building safe, as well.

The following are a few things renters can do to keep their apartment safe from fire:

#1 Test Smoke Alarms (and Replace Batteries Regularly)

Your smoke alarms are only effective if they are working correctly. Ideally, you would run a test on these alarms once a month, taking care to replace your batteries when necessary.

#2 Schedule Regular HVAC Service (or Have Your Landlord Do It)

This probably falls on your landlord, but having your heating system inspected and serviced every year will help minimize the risk of a potential fire. This includes changing filters and cleaning out the buildup of dust that can cause fires.

#3 Keep an Eye on Your Clothes Dryer

Gas dryers also should be inspected annually, but all dryers can accrue lint, both in the lint trap and the tubing that blows the hot air outdoors. Keep those areas clear to avoid a fire from starting in your dryer.

#4 Be Safe in the Kitchen

There are several kitchen tips to help you avoid fire, but the two biggest ones are that you should always keep your stove and oven clear of anything flammable, and you should never leave a hot surface in the kitchen unattended.

#5 Keep a Fire Extinguisher Handy

Whether you’re in the kitchen or anywhere else in the apartment, it’s a good idea to have a fire extinguisher handy should something ever catch on fire. One of the easiest ways to minimize the damage a fire can cause is by stopping it before it gets out of control.

#6 Maintain Cords

Just because a cord didn’t look like a fire hazard when you first purchased it doesn’t mean it can’t turn into a fire hazard after some use. Regularly inspect cords, looking for frayed wires or overloaded circuits. Phone and laptop chargers can be especially dangerous if the cords go bad, so keep an eye on them.

#7 Be Smart About Candles

Candles are literally open flames, and while they can add a lot to the aroma and ambiance of an apartment, they also represent a pretty serious fire hazard. Don’t fall asleep or leave the house with a candle burning, and make sure that, when used, they are in secure, tip-proof holders.

Be Covered in Case of an Emergency

Here at Insurance by Castle, we know that renters and apartment building owners all want to avoid a fire, but if one happens, it is important to have proper apartment building insurance. If you would like to check on your coverage, give us a call and we’ll take a closer look at your policy to make sure all your bases are covered should a fire ever occur.

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