Why Property Managers Should Partner With an Insurance Provider

Insurance by Castle - Why Property Managers Should Partner With an Insurance Provider

For most property managers, insurance is probably just something they know they need to have. However, the relationship between an insurance provider and a property manager can be a more synergistic one. Read on to learn why partnering with an insurance agent could be a great decision for any property management company.

Insurance Providers Can Deliver Clients

Insurance agents and property managers share the same clients while providing non-competing services. It is mutually beneficial to work together.

As with other businesses, insurance agencies take customer satisfaction seriously. Brokers work to help their clients find the best coverage for their needs. However, the best insurers, such as Insurance by Castle, take things a step further and try to help their customers better manage their risk to mitigate their insurance costs.

For landlord insurance customers, this can mean connecting clients with good property managers. The right manager can keep a building in optimal shape. In turn, this means a lower likelihood of accidents or other issues. For us, as an insurance agency, that means fewer claims and lower risk. It also helps our clients keep their businesses running as smoothly as possible and keep their premiums to a minimum.

By connecting our clients with you, we can help them find great management services while also delivering new business to you. It is a win-win arrangement.

One of the greatest challenges of growing any business is bringing in new clients. Working with an insurance broker is a simple way to increase the flow of new leads coming to you. Better yet, they are qualified leads that you can be confident are serious about seeking property management services.

Property Managers Need Insurance Too

We don’t just provide apartment owner and landlord insurance services. We also help our property manager customers get the right insurance for their businesses.

Getting the right insurance as a property manager isn’t easy. You want to focus your attention on serving your customers and bringing in new business. However, every business needs to have solid insurance coverage to help manage its risks.

At Insurance by Castle, we can help you get the insurance your business needs. In particular, we can help you with liability coverage. These immensely important plans can be confusing at times. Many business owners just settle for whatever they can find. We will help you get the right coverage for your business at the right price. These are some of the insurance types we offer:

  • Commercial General Liability: This broadly covers your financial liabilities for bodily harm or property damage. Every business needs this insurance.
  • Business Owners Policies: This is an umbrella policy that covers several types of common business insurance needs. It helps protect all your day-to-day operations.
  • Commercial Auto: If you own a vehicle for your business, you need auto insurance.
  • Worker’s Compensation: If you employ people, you need worker’s compensation insurance.

Furthermore, having a good relationship with your insurance provider is always helpful. Accidents and liabilities are unpleasant to deal with. Having a responsive insurer that understands your business makes those situations much easier. By working with us as a partner as well as a customer, you get the benefit of a closer relationship that you otherwise have with your insurance agent.

Insurance by Castle’s Directory

Our main method of partnering with property managers is our directory system. We use this to help our landlord insurance customers find the best property managers in their areas. It is a straightforward solution and an easy way to promote your business to interested potential customers.

When you join our directory, you will get a listing for your business. Each listing includes the contact information and name of the property manager. When you join our directory, we will list the following:

  • Company Name
  • Street Address of Your Office
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Contact Email

Our apartment owner and landlord insurance customers can find that information and contact you if you are able to serve their buildings. They can also leave comments about your business to share their experiences with our other clients.

Learn More

Working with Insurance by Castle and joining our directory can help you bring in new clients to your property management business. We can also help you with all your insurance needs. Contact us to learn more and to get your listing on our directory.

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  1. It’s great that you mentioned property agents and insurance agents provide a mutually beneficial relationship and are non-competitive. My brother and I have always wanted to work together but fear that a similar career path will leave us bored. After reading your article, I am going to sign up for an insurance course for myself.

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